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Our selection of the on-line written word - we hope something for everyone here - local, national and international.

Amazon - for books, CD's and much more
This Is Derbyshire - Derbyshires online 'newspaper'
Sheffweb: - Sheffields online 'newspaper'
Electronic Telegraph - read the Online newpaper
TIMES - or try the Times
timbut.gif (543 bytes) Financial Times for you financial news - Time magazine - world news
New Statesman - New Statesman magazine
Reader's Digest - Online !
ELLE Online Elle magazine
Cosmopolitan - Cosmo Online Network -  Web sites for women
Vogue Vogue magazine
Tatler - Tatler magazine
FHM - for the boys !
GQ again !
Sporting Life - soccer, cricket, golf etc
Shakespeare - his complete works Online
Encyclopaedia Britannica - everything !



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