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The Peak Counties have a wealth of student life and activity - from the major metropolitan centres of Manchester (having three major Universities - Manchester, MMU and UMIST), Sheffield hosting both Sheffield Uni and Sheffield Hallam to Derby University with its recent decision to expand into the heart of the Peak District in Buxton. We provide links below to all of these major academic centres plus some of the prominent Schools and Colleges in the area.

For student life and entertainment we host our Pubs, Clubs and Sounds pages and also recommend Whats on in Manchester and Sheffield Scene for clubs, venues and whats happening in and around the Peak Counties. Sheffield University ENTS has a wealth of info and links relating to whats hot and whats on in the Sheffield area.

Want to make contact with other students in the area, exchange ideas, what to do, where to meet ? - check out our real-time On-Line Student Net Chat page or download 3D Worlds for interactive 3D role playing and chat from Freeserve. See whats happening round the world via our Cam Sites. Need advice/info on drug related issues ? - try

Visit our Peak Mobile page for FREE SMS messages to your mobiles and mobile WAP internet services.

For bargains on CD's, tapes, video - try our Shopping Arcade pages.


University of Derby Student Net Chat
Sheffield Hallam University Pubs, Clubs and Sounds
University of Sheffield Cam Sites
The University of Manchester Whats on in Manchester
UMIST Sheffield Scene
Manchester Metropolitan Uni Shopping Arcade

- CD's, books, travel etc

Student World - good site for

all student interests


- National Union Students

High Peak College

(University of Derby)


- for parents/teachers/pupils

Home page

- Buxton Community School

Home page

- Derby Grammar School

The 'real' Student-Net Sheffield Uni ENTS
Schools League Tables

& OFSTED reports

Lycos Student Resources



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