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The use of mobile phones has now reached a very high proportion of the population of the UK (and the rest of Europe !). An increasing proportion of new mobiles being sold are now WAP phones, able to browse a variant of the internet - mobile internet sites, or wap sites. Unfortunately wap sites and web sites are different - you are unable to access the increasing number of wap sites directly from the Internet. As a service to our users we have incorporated the 'wapalizer' below which allows you to enter the address of a wap site and automatically open a wap emulator or mobile phone browser so enabling you to view wap sites. Note that wap sites have very few (and poor) graphics in order to work well with the limited bandwidth of mobiles and that the emulator doesn't always show exactly (particularly graphics) what will be seen on a mobile..

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An increasing number of people (particularly teenagers) are using mobile phone SMS services as a, somewhat restricted, form of email. Did you know that some Internet Providers enable FREE SMS messages to be sent to mobiles ? Click on the Lycos link below - agree the terms of use, enter your recipients mobile phone number ... and send the message - without cost !

Lycos SMS services



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