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The Millennium : the impact of Internet commerce on small businesses and the public is predicted to be of major significance. World Internet usage is doubling every 100 days and in Britain more than 4.5 million people have access to the Internet, with a growth rate of 12 % per month. Although medium sized and international major companies have embraced e-commerce and the Internet with open arms only 3 % of small businesses within the UK utilise the Internet for product promotion or commerce. The opportunities for small businesses and the Internet are clearly significant - and can be obtained at very reasonable cost !.  

Who are we : Peak-Net are a local group who draw on many years experience of data handling and IT within UK major international science based industries. We specialise in web design, presentation and Internet hosting for Peak-Net and maintain the Peak-Net web pages as a resource for visitors, tourists, residents and local businesses within the Peak District and surrounding Counties.

What do we do : we offer individuals, clubs, associations and small businesses within our area the opportunity to develop an Internet presence at reasonable cost. Although we are particularly active within the leisure and service sector, anyone can be catered for. Our services are personal and are directed towards the individual needs of clients but include :

dot.gif (1033 bytes) Advice on hardware and software purchase for email and Internet usage, including free service providers.

dot.gif (1033 bytes) Web page design (or re-design of existing client pages) including full search engine optimisation.

dot.gif (1033 bytes) Web page hosting and maintenance within Peak-Net.

dot.gif (1033 bytes) Web page promotion via Internet search engine submission and via referrals and links.

We believe that, through careful, considered design and planning, we can promote our clients businesses via the Internet in an effective and cost efficient manner - your first web page can be created, promoted and maintained for less than 200 - click to view our current fees :


Please feel free to contact us to discuss you particular needs via :




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